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As an agency, we understand that no one wants to pay more their insurance than they have to .  As an independent agency , we have the ability to work with many insurance companies.  All companies differ in their likes and dislikes for what type of business they are looking for.  The more competitive insurance rates are often reflects what type of business they are looking for.  No one company will the best priced for everyone.  By having access to many top rated companies, we feel we can find a company with competitive rates for all types of people and different situations.

Customers receive a wide range of insurance advice that varies from agency to agency.  This being said, it is often difficult to determine which  agents and agencies are looking out for your best interest and will match the best company and rate for all your family’s insurance needs.  Co-owners, Paulette and Jay, each have over a decade of experience and over 36 years experience combined in the insurance industry.  The accuracy of your insurance advice is maintained through Paulette and Jay’s hands-on approach with their staff as well as their customers.

Industry Knowledge

Today’s insurance market is rapidly changing and you, the customer, are feeling these effects through increased premiums and numerous companies fleeing the Florida insurance market.  It’s not enough to just read the papers and speak to company management anymore.  We, as agents, are members of different organizations that work specifically to follow company changes in the market , changes in government legislation, and keeping you, our customer, up to date with products and company insight.  These organizations include FAIA and the Accord NetworkBoth Paulette and Jay sit on the Ambassador Board for the ACCORD Network which helps keep you, our customer, updated with current industry information and changes.





Our agency is paperless, meaning your information is filed in our computer database for optimal organization of our files and secures storage of your personal information.  Any documentation is shredded at the point at which it is scanned into our database.  All your information is accessible at the touch of a button and heavily secured through firewalls and passwords.  There is no chance of losing valuable information as it is backed up instantaneously as it is entered into our computer’s database.  The agency has also been set up to for complete remote  access.  This ensures that in the case of an emergency, we can be up and running again within minutes, instead of hours or days.  If a disaster occurred, you would still be able to call your agents, Paulette and Jay, to obtain information or have questions answered.